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Foglight for DB2

Continuous, scalable, web-based DB2 performance monitoring. Accelerate problem resolution with this powerful DB2 monitoring solution. Benefit from continual remote database monitoring, and correlate performance data across your technology stack. Receive easy-to-understand guidance with response time and wait-event analyses, so you instantly comprehend existing and developing database performance conditions. Help eliminate deployment risks to ensure a thriving post-change database environment. Maximize your DB2 resources and take action immediately with Foglight for DB2.
Foglight for DB2 helps diagnose and resolve database performance issues 01:47


Global view

Resolve performance issues across DB2 and other platforms by determining your most critical problems and taking immediate action.

Built-in intelligence

Get integrated management and performance views that allow you to understand the health and activity of your DB2 enterprise. Also receive pop-up advice with correlated workflows.

Adaptive baselines

Receive alerts about deviations from normal activity, as well as track performance using automatic detection and calculation of normal ranges for all metrics.

Automatic instance discovery

Use automatic instance discovery or specific hosts to deploy Foglight capabilities rapidly and painlessly. Manually add instances, as needed.

Enterprise configuration management

Customize your individual connections, and centralize administration and configuration.

Alarm workflow

Search for past solutions, set up blackouts, and manage and annotate your alarms.

Easy integration

Integrate your other end-to-end enterprise monitors seamlessly.

Wait-state analysis

Determine the location and cause of waits by diagnosing your wait statistics.

Wizard-driven installation

Add database monitoring to your existing infrastructure, or configure Foglight as a stand-alone solution with this powerful wizard.

Drag-and-drop reporting

Use the data collected by Foglight to develop customized views and reports.


Getting started
Lock analysis
Analyze current activity
Database cluster comparison
Getting started

Getting started

Powerful dashboards provide intuitive workflows to get you started quickly.


9.5 through 11.5

All Operating systems supported by IBM.

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports the monitoring of instances that are installed on Linux on System z. The supported monitored instance versions are the same as specified in the list above for the Linux platform.

Note: IBM® DB2® pureScale is currently not supported for Linux on IBM System z.

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports monitoring an environment configured to use HADR by creating agents to monitor each one of the nodes separately (applies for both primary nodes and secondary)

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports a physical partition. When monitoring a physical partition, ensure you create the agent using the agent installer on the coordinator host.

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports monitoring a workgroup edition instance.

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports monitoring an instance that is installed in an OS cluster environment.

To enable monitoring, follow the instructions on “Host connectivity settings” screen in the installation wizard:

  • Mark the "instance residing on an OS cluster".
  • Make sure the virtual host name point to the virtual host name. This name will be used to install the DB2 agent and the IC agent.

Foglight for DB2 LUW supports monitoring a pureScale environment (except on Linux on IBM System z).



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