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Financial Services

Maintain security and stay competitive in the Financial Services Industry. Quest is your go-to vendor with financial services IT solutions for any on-premises or hybrid Microsoft environment. Our solutions enable you to secure and optimize your infrastructure seamlessly.




Optimize the efficiency and security of your AD and Microsoft environment to get ready for cloud transformations, mergers and acquisitions, new business models and products/services.

  • Increase efficiency by aligning IT to the business
  • Lower costs, reduce effort and eliminate risk by automating administrative tasks
  • Ensure support for the evolving technology needs that impact your infrastructure, applications and data
Increase digital dexterity

Increase digital dexterity

Plan and execute secure, efficient transformations while easily moving between business models during mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. This will help you respond to customer and market demands faster.

  • Meet M&A IT integration transition deadlines
  • Minimize cost, risks, and disruptions to users during migrations and consolidations
  • Maintain security and data integrity
Maintain compliance

Maintain compliance

This is an evolving, collaborative landscape in a heavily regulated industry. Establish compliance and continually maintain it as new financial regulations and new business models emerge. Key Benefits Bullets:

  • Establish governance across your hybrid Microsoft environment
  • Identify and remediate exposures of sensitive content
  • Detect and alert on anomalous and malicious activity
  • Prove continuous compliance
Reduce security risks and threats

Reduce security risks and threats

Protect your sensitive data and enforce policies to reduce security violations and cybersecurity events.

  • Continuous assessment
  • Detection and alerting
  • Remediation and mitigation
  • Investigation and recovery

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Secure and protect your SharePoint environment from internal and external threats.

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Control and simplify Group Policy management.

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Active Roles

Secure and automate the administration, access and provisioning of users and groups for AD/AzureAD

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Active Administrator

Simplified Active Directory management from a single console

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Migrator Pro for Active Directory

Consolidate Active Directory with advanced coexistence, customization and automation.

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Content Matrix

Handle complex SharePoint and Office 365 migrations.

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Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

A large enterprise financial services company reduced storage costs by 61-80% with InTrust’s highly-compressed repository.

IT Director, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company – completes tasks 10x faster, saved up to 20 hours/week and up to $75,000

Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company


I save countless hours thanks to [Metalogix] ControlPoint. Now I can concentrate on real development work and not SharePoint administration.

KENNETH KERR FPI’s SharePoint Administrator Read Case Study



Recovery Manager for Active Directory Disaster Recovery Edition

Complete AD disaster recovery at the object, directory and OS level across the entire forest
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Ultimate Cyber Resiliency: a guide to combatting AD security villains

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Colonial Pipeline Ransomware and MITRE ATT&CK Tactic TA0040

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Protect Your Active Directory from Ransomware using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

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