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Enterprise Reporter for Windows Servers

Windows Server and OneDrive for Business discovery and reporting across the enterprise. Enterprise Reporter for Windows Servers provides deep visibility into the security and configuration of Microsoft Windows Server, Azure, NAS devices and OneDrive for Business. Armed with this information, organizations can perform security assessments to understand who can access what data, how they got that access, as well as whether it can be shared with others inside or outside the organization. Perform pre-and post-migration analyses and optimize resource and license allocation. As a result, you’ll be empowered to perform more informed strategic planning and proactive management of the IT infrastructure.

Extend your visibility beyond file servers, Azure and OneDrive for Business to other on-premises and Office 365 environments with Enterprise Reporter Suite.
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Hybrid environment reporting on on-premises and cloud-based permissions

Gain insights into permissions for on-premises and cloud-based resources with easy-to-use reports on who can access:

  • On-premises shares, files, folders, printers, registry keys and services
  • Cloud-based content posted to OneDrive for Business, including file and folder permissions and whether the content can be shared internally or externally

Compliance and security visibility

Gain visibility into the configuration of critical IT assets in Windows file servers, NAS devices and OneDrive for Business to comply with security best practices, internal policies and external regulations. Report on permissions and access to:

  • Files, folders, and shares across your Windows file servers
  • Shared files and folders across OneDrive for Business
  • Azure resources, including VMs, disks, network security groups, storage accounts and more

Improved insights with IT Security Search

Correlate disparate IT data from numerous systems and devices into an interactive search engine for fast security incident response and forensic analysis. Include user entitlements and activity, event trends, suspicious patterns and more, with rich visualizations and event timelines.

Access assessment

Determine which users and groups have access to resources across your entire environment, including both on-premises and cloud-based storage. Tighten security by removing any excessive access permissions using Security Explorer, which is included with Enterprise Reporter Suite.

Pre- and post- migration assessment

Plan for a migration or consolidation project with increased visibility into where Azure resources, computers, files and folders on Windows Servers and OneDrive for Business exist. Easily decide what needs to be migrated before you begin and ensure the correct data and permissions were migrated after the move.

Hosted resource optimization

Optimize Microsoft Azure resource usage by gaining visibility into virtual machines and disk deployment, including how many, how large, how they are configured and more, so you can save on unnecessary and underutilized resources.

Local policy assessment

Make sure each local security configuration is aligned with domain-wide policies. Check local security policies, membership of local administrative groups and other security configuration information stored in registry keys.

Scalable data collection

Scale to Windows environments of any size. Schedule collections during off-peak hours to minimize the impact of data collection on network and server performance, and leverage the distributed collection architecture for load balancing.

Efficient storage

Reduce database storage requirements and save more change history data by comparing Windows Server discoveries and storing only the changes.

Customizable reports

Perform efficient, effective data analysis and satisfy the unique information needs of your organization using predefined reports or by creating new reports with even more attributes. Customize any report with advanced filtering, and choose from multiple formats, including PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, text and images.

Automated reporting workflows

Ensure stakeholders get the reports they need when they need them with automated report generation and delivery and flexible scheduling.


File, Folder, and NTFS reporting
Comprehensive computer reporting
Group membership reporting
OneDrive for Business reports
Azure resource reporting
Azure resource permissions
Computer services
Computer discoveries
File, Folder, and NTFS reporting

File, Folder, and NTFS reporting

Report on Windows NTFS file and folder information


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