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Ransomware Protection and Recovery

Ransomware attacks represent a significant danger and according to Forrester Research, the number of ransomware attacks on enterprises is up 500% over last year, costing businesses in excess of $11.5 billion.

IT analyst firm DCIG explored data backup and recovery solutions with prominent anti-ransomware capabilities. The report, entitled DCIG Top 5: SME Anti-Ransomware Backup Solution Profile, explores one of its Top 5 picks: Quest NetVault Plus. This important paper will provide key insights into how to prevent and recover from ransomware.

Protect your organization from ransomware with NetVault Plus 02:35
Protect your organization from ransomware with NetVault Plus 02:35

Gain Powerful Ransomware Protection and Recovery

Your backup solution is your last line of defense in a cyberattack. NetVault Plus provides critical features to protect both your primary data and backup data, on-premises and in the cloud. NetVault Plus provides:

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and Instant Restore
  • Immutable backups and data encryption
  • Deep anomaly detection to uncover hidden ransomware during backup
  • Air-gap backup to tape and cloud
  • Replication and cloud support for a 3-2-1 backup strategy

With NetVault Plus, you will protect your data and quickly recover after an attack.

Take Action Now

In the end, even the most prepared organization can’t completely protect itself against ransomware attacks. But you can limit the risks when you have a backup solution that not only allows you to restore all your data quickly and fully, but also:

  • Mitigates the risks of ransomware impacting your business
  • Reduces the number of core components that can be attacked
  • Limits exposure to data capture techniques
  • Restricts your backup data from ransomware