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TEC Talk: Top Ten Actions to Take in Your Teams Migration

TEC Talk: Top Ten Actions to Take in Your Teams Migration
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TEC Talk: Top Ten Actions to Take in Your Teams Migration

Microsoft Teams tenant-to-tenant migrations are very challenging to plan, but we’ll cover guidelines to make it easier, including solid plans to help you:

1. Know your source Teams environment: 
a. Where is all the content stored 
b. How much content is there
2. Prepare the target tenant ahead of the migration
3. Set expectations ahead of time, including: 
a. What can and cannot be migrated
b. How long will it take to migrate
c. When to stop incremental migration
4. Prepare a communication plan (brief)
5. Create a migration plan (brief) 
a. What order should content be migrated in? 
b. Should Teams be migrated individually or migrate the content type (SharePoint, conversations, Planner, membership) in each Team together? 
c. How do you coordinate Teams migrations with other workloads? 
d. What if users are working in both source and target tenants?
6. Post migration validation
7. What about Teams settings that cannot be migrated with migration tools?


Randy Rempel has been with Quest Product Management for almost 7 years and has 30+ years of IT experience. At Quest, he manages multiple desktop and SaaS migration products related to Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Lotus Notes applications.  

Sofya Serna Perez boasts over a decade of experience in Microsoft platform solutions, with her extensive skillset including building custom software and solutions, executing migrations, providing IT consulting, delving into business analytics and administering Microsoft collaboration environments for enterprise-level clients. With over 15 years as an Analyst and Architect, she is an expert in SharePoint and is certified as both a Microsoft SharePoint Administrator and Developer. 

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