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5 Best Practices for Endpoint Log Monitoring

5 Best Practices for Endpoint Log Monitoring
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5 Best Practices for Endpoint Log Monitoring

Your organization’s data – and the users who have access to it – are only as secure as your endpoints, which are increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks. Workstation users, in particular, fall victim to drive-by downloads from websites they think they can trust, leading to ransomware and other critical mistakes that give attackers access to the corporate network.

To improve your threat-hunting potential and minimize your vulnerabilities, endpoint security must be a priority. But it’s not uncommon for workstations to log 100MB of data every day, and if you try to feed that amount of data to your SIEM, you’ll run into some serious problems.

So, what’s the best way to handle event log management and security?
Watch this on-demand webcast and join experts Brian Hymer and Sergey Goncharenko from Quest, as they discuss the best practices for endpoint log monitoring. Learn how you can:  

  • Collect more (and sometimes better) event log data
  • Archive the data you need cost-effectively for threat-hunting and compliance purposes
  • Send your SIEM lower volumes of higher quality data, thereby reducing both costs and false alerts

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