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More time for what’s important at Zurich Children's Hospital with Metalogix Archive Manager

The use of Metalogix Archive Manager is reflected in a higher work efficiency of the end users and thus an increased productivity of the company

GERT F., Leiter IT-Systemtechnik


The main goal of the children’s hospital was to reduce backup and recovery times of the extensive Exchange databases to a minimum and to relieve the employees of the continuous cleaning of their email mailboxes. To realize this, the children's hospital was faced with the challenge of freeing the Exchange databases and thus also the mailboxes of the end users from as much content as possible. In addition, the generation of PST files should be prevented as far as possible, as these have caused a large backup volume daily. The hospital was faced with the challenge of safely storing the growing flood of patient and hospital data that had to be archived, not only e-mails, but also file archiving environment. One of the biggest challenges was also to outsource the enormous amount of patient data, so that the clinic can benefit from cheaper storage space.

Furthermore, the children's hospital wanted to be optimally prepared for the future compliance guidelines, which present the health sector with increasing challenges to store content and submit it at short notice on request.

Against the background of the most efficient way of working and foreseeable tightening of legal archiving obligations, there were correspondingly high demands on the reliability and comprehensive range of functions of the solution in question. In general, the simplicity of the solution was a concern of the children's hospital. End users should not have to get used to a new structure or working method due to e-mail and file archiving. The aim was for the end users to be able to continue working in the usual way.


The many years of intensive cooperation between ag and Metalogix contributed to the decision of the Children's Hospital to choose ag as a partner in solving its challenges. The experts from both companies have worked on numerous different projects for a long time. After obtaining offers from various providers, Metalogix Archive Manager was selected, as all requirements of the children's hospital could be covered by a single solution. The scalability of the product was also important for the children's hospital, as well as the fact that the solution can only be extended by the functionalities for SharePoint if required. Also, the easy-to-use administration interface and the fact that users were hardly affected by the integration of archiving was a further advantage of Metalogix Archive Manager.

With the integration of Network Attached Storages (NAS) with WORM functionality at two locations, a redundant storage for the archive could be easily realized with the functionality of the Archive Manager. After conceptual preparation has gradually introduced Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange for email archiving in the children's hospital. Based on this, the Metalogix Archive Manager for Files could be additionally integrated on the file server. "The archiving solution from Metalogix is very efficient and easy to use," says Gert F., Head of IT Systems Technology at the Zurich Children's Hospital. "Professional and efficient updates are periodically carried out by our partner ag. We greatly appreciate the comprehensive and always prompt support from Metalogix and feel that we are in competent and reliable hands".


Shortened backup and recovery times

With the help of Metalogix Archive Manager, the hospital was able to ensure higher reliability, smaller databases and faster recovery in the event of a malfunction. Backup and recovery times were greatly reduced because the archived e-mails and the original files were linked to the file repository. The double storage and highly efficient deduplication of the archive solution means that the archive data no longer has to be backed up and the required storage space is kept to a minimum. Nevertheless, access to all information from the user's mailbox or from the file repository is possible at any time. Thanks to the integrated PST import and scan function, the pediatric hospital has the option of searching for the existing PST files and importing them into the archive in an easy manner. As a result, users are no longer busy regularly cleaning their email inboxes.

Compliant storage of data

Metalogix Archive Manager ensures the legally valid archiving of the various patient data of the children's hospital. The unit-linked history classifies all data that could be specifically deleted after the retention period has expired, which is not used at the children's hospital until further notice.

Improved search function

The archiving solution can also meet the growing demands for a reliable and fast search function. With the full text search in Metalogix Archive Manager, all emails and files, including their attachments, can be found extremely efficiently. Thanks to the integrated full-text search in Metalogix Archive Manager, every user of the children's hospital can find emails and data - whether archived or not - in the shortest time.

About Children’s Hospital Zurich

The Children's Hospital Zurich is the largest university children's hospital in Switzerland and one of the leading centers for pediatrics and youth medicine in Europe. It employs almost 2,500 people and treats around 7,200 inpatients and 60,000 outpatients every year. It also trains doctors and nurses in pediatrics and pediatric surgery.

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