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UK Government syncs Exchange user mailboxes in preparation for migration to Office 365

A large government organization in the United Kingdom, needed help to gradually move 180,000 users on multiple versions of Microsoft Exchange to Office 365, as well as migrating an AD environment that included multiple forests with 250,000 objects. All had to be done while still meeting stringent data security regulations.

But before migrating, the organization had to ensure their users’ identities were synced on-premises. The government organization wanted to do this quickly without proprietary scripting and cumbersome ongoing maintenance. To meet all these goals, the systems integrator chose Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro by Quest.

This solution creates directory awareness between two disparate systems and synchronizes all mail-enabled objects—including users, AD passwords, SID history, contacts, distribution lists, shared mailboxes, and resources. Binary Tree further customized the solution to meet the stringent firewall and security requirements of this government organization.

Read the case study to learn how Binary Tree Directory Sync Pro made it easier for this government organization to sync its Exchange mail objects and quickly prepare for its migration to Office 365.

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