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Database DevOps Solutions

Accelerate application deployment. Application deployments are often delayed when corresponding database changes are required because database change management is a manual, incomplete process that often results in defects which can lead to application downtime. And while you’re fixing all your issues, your competitors are innovating faster and moving ahead of you. However, organizations struggle to implement database change management into their DevOps culture and simply putting stop-gap solutions in place or continuing with uncoordinated processes is not the answer.

How to Integrate Database into Your DevOps Infrastructure 02:00
What if you could accelerate your DevOps pipeline end-to-end and combine higher quality database changes with application changes? What if you could monitor performance issues throughout your DevOps pipeline? What if you could automatically replicate production changes in near-real time to other database environments?

Quest® database management solutions help you increase the velocity of your database changes, continuously monitor the impact of these changes on your DevOps pipeline and replicate them from production to other databases, including those in the cloud.








Discover database tools that help you integrate change management into your CI/CD pipeline. Build, test and release high-quality database changes with greater velocity. Include performance testing and monitoring with your automated processes for an end-to-end solution.
Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Adopting a DevOps culture allows you to deploy applications faster, meaning you can build, test and release software changes faster. This, in turn, leads to a 21% reduction in unplanned work and rework and a 19% increase in revenue.* When you align database and application changes into a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflow, you’ll execute key database change management functions within your DevOps pipeline without compromising quality, performance or reliability, enabling your business to be more agile.

  • Source control integration
  • Automated unit testing
  • Automated code reviews
  • Automated sensitive data protection
  • Automated database, schema and data changes

*2017 State of DevOps report; 2014 CA Research Paper, DevOps: the Worst-Kept Secret to Winning in the Application Economy.

Database Performance Monitoring

Database Performance Monitoring

Get real-time alerting to database-related performance problems throughout the CI/CD pipeline in order to help expedite fast and effective corrective action. Use long-term history to compare performance patterns before and after changes to verify their impact.

  • Multi-platform dashboard with notifications
  • Performance baseline deviation alarms
  • Change tracking analysis
  • Multi-dimensional workload analysis
  • Long-term historical analysis
Database Replication

Database Replication

Easily achieve Oracle database high availability, increase scalability, integrate data and offload reporting with the all-inclusive solution your database vendor doesn’t want you to know about.

  • All-in-one license
  • One tool, many uses – including offload reporting
  • Safe Oracle database migrations and upgrades
  • Near real-time data integration and replication
  • Proven ease-of-use

Featured Products

Toad for Oracle

Develop and manage Oracle databases with less time and effort.

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Toad Edge

Simplify development and management of MySQL and Postgres environments.

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Toad DevOps Toolkit

Toad DevOps Toolkit boosts DevOps velocity by integrating Oracle database change management.

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ApexSQL DevOps Toolkit for SQL Server

Development and orchestration tools required to drive an automated DevOps workflow

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Foglight for Cross-Platform Databases

Consolidate and standardize database performance management across diverse environments.

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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

Diagnose SQL Server performance issues quickly and accurately for a healthy database infrastructure

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Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

We’re giving it [Toad DevOps Toolkit] to whomever is using Toad so that they can get familiar with and start using those features, and there’s a very high interest in the capabilities of these tools

Senior DevOps Manager, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company Read Case Study

Information Technology and Services

If you are using the SQL Developer, you should switch to TOAD and see the benefits - ease of use, better compatibility, faster way of achieving the results, complex functionalities combined in one tool which makes it a one stop shop for multiple functions.

Manjunath A Senior Business Analyst / Technical Project Manager

Financial Services Company

Our organization is using Foglight to monitor the enterprise data warehouse for real-time and historical usage patterns. This shortens the time between problem identification and fixing and as such, is the enabler of the DevOps culture.

Senior DBA, Financial Services Company

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Award-winning database DevOps solutions

Award-winning database DevOps solutions

Continuous delivery is an absolute requirement of DevOps practices, and continuous deployment is its natural evolution. The judges at the 2020 Computing DevOps Excellence Awards were looking for the tool that best meets the needs of companies seeking to automate their delivery workflows.

Toad DevOps Toolkit was named the winner in the Best Continuous Deployment Tool category.
DevOps Excellence Awards


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Toad DevOps Toolkit boosts DevOps velocity by integrating Oracle database change management.

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