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Mergers and Acquisitions

Conquer the complexities of an M&A IT Integration. IT integrations for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) aren’t easy or small. This is especially true when you factor in complicated and ever-changing Active Directory (AD) environments. And while each M&A is different, the methodology – and the goal – doesn’t change. Your chance of a successful M&A – and a secure Microsoft environment — is much higher when you implement repeatable processes. Quest offers a complete and repeatable software and services framework for M&As, from Day 0 (IT Due Diligence) to Day 1 (IT Integration) and Day 2 (Ongoing risk management and hybrid Active Directory cyber resiliency).

Don’t complicate M&A IT integrations further by using multiple products from multiple vendors. Standardize on a partner with the tools and expertise to offer a multitude of flexible approaches for Day 0, 1 and 2. Quest is your go-to for a repeatable migration, management and security framework for your Microsoft environment.

Mergers and Acquistions

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Critical M&A Phases

Quest solutions make it possible for you to tackle the complexities of an M&A IT integration . We offer a comprehensive framework for the effective integration, consolidation, management and security of on-premises, cloud and hybrid Microsoft environments. Even better, it's repeatable: You become familiar with one set of solutions, one support team and one services team that you can count on again and again, so when the next M&A IT integration falls into your lap, you’ll be prepared.
Day 0: IT Due Diligence
Day 1: IT Integration
Day 2: Ongoing Risk-Management
Day 0: IT Due Diligence

Day 0: IT Due Diligence

Analyze and assess the entire Microsoft and Active Directory environments of the acquired or divested organization with a repeatable software and services framework. Conduct an in-depth pre-migration analysis to uncover any technical and security concerns in the source IT environments, including possible attack paths that cyberattackers can exploit. Then, you can develop the deployment approach that will work best for your needs, remediating any of these issues before you start the first migration job and reducing the risk of missed deadlines and IT integration failures.

  • Maintain focus on the business needs for Legal Day 1 and End State
  • Identify infrastructure and cloud cost savings
  • Establish Active Directory security gaps, baselines and procedures

SpecterOps BloodHound Enterprise

Attack path management is a critical component of defending Active Directory (AD) and Microsoft 365 environments from attacks. SpecterOps BloodHound Enterprise helps you reduce the risk of attacks by arming you with a graphical mapping of all AD and Azure attack paths, enabling you to easily identify, prioritize and eliminate the most vital avenues that attackers can exploit.

Professional Services Company

With help from Quest, we completed 12 IT integrations last year…. We met all the deadlines and primary objectives — including the critical goal of minimizing disruption for users.

Global Portfolio Director, Professional Services Company Read Case Study

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