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On Demand Migration: Directory Sync

Keep migrated and un-migrated users in sync. If users can’t find each other in the directory, it’s hard for them to work together. But with On Demand Migration (ODM) Directory Sync, you can ensure productivity across your on-premises, cloud or hybrid environment on Day One of your merger, acquisition or consolidation project.

ODM Directory Sync smoothly handles even the most complex scenarios. With this cloud-based service, you can:

  • Keep users, devices and applications in sync in near real time, regardless of their migration status.
  • Provide a unified address book that enables effective communication and collaboration across the combined organization.
  • Deliver both cross-domain and cross-tenant synchronization. 


Unified address book

Empower users across your IT ecosystem to communicate and collaborate smoothly from Day One of your migration. ODM Directory Sync creates a unified Global Address Book and keeps it up to date regardless of the migration status of each user and group.

Automated account provisioning

Easily configure workflows to automatically provision target accounts in preparation for an AD consolidation. Choose whether to create accounts as enabled or disabled, how to populate Exchange attributes during mailbox provisioning, whether to sync passwords, and more.

Easy customization

Have an unusual or complex migration scenario? Relax — ODM Directory Sync is highly customizable: You can easily control which objects to synchronize and which attributes to include for each object, as well as whether to copy attributes as-is or perform transformations that create customized values during the sync.

Support for Active Directory, Azure AD and hybrid environments

Use one solution for all your Active Directory and Azure AD synchronization needs, whether you need to sync from a single source to a single target, implement a bi-directional sync or perform a complex sync between multiple environments. ODM Directory Sync supports both directories as both source and target. When syncing between two AD environments, you can enable a near-realtime password sync that operates independently of other sync activities.

Detailed log files and change reports

Track changes and speed troubleshooting with a clear, complete record of your workflow run history and object synchronization, including individual attribute changes. You can even run a workflow in test mode to analyze expected changes without writing to your production directories.

Security certifications

Quest On Demand is included in the scope of the Platform Management ISO/IEC 27001, 27017 and 27018 certification. It has also successfully completed Type 2 System and Organizational Controls (SOC) 2 attestation, reinforcing our commitment to customer data security according to the industry’s highest standards.