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NetVault Plus for VMware

Comprehensive backup and recovery for virtual environments. Your organization relies on VMware every day, but your system, application and data are susceptible to user errors, accidental deletion, corruption, malware and unplanned outages. NetVault Plus provides comprehensive VMware vSphere backup and recovery to reduce risk of system downtime and data loss.

Key benefits

Better protection and fast recovery

Address regulatory compliance requirements

Data security you can count on


Reduced storage requirements and costs

Single solution for all your applications

NetVault Plus Delivers

Simplify VMware backup and recovery

Simplify VMware backup and recovery

NetVault Plus is an enterprise backup and recovery solution that’s completely integrated with VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Data Protection (VADP). It enables you to protect your entire VMware environment without the need for complex scripting or deep understanding of ESXi or VADP internals.

  • Gain Continuous Data Protection (CDP) innovation with incremental forever protection of VMware virtual machines providing instant recovery direct from deduplicated storage, keeping recovery times and storage costs to a minimum
  • Supports VADP and creates VSS-based snapshots for application-consistent backups
  • Allows CBT-based Full, Incremental, and Differential image-level backups of virtual machines
  • Supports Storage vMotion using the vSphere virtual machine locking API
  • Reduces backup windows by backing up multiple virtual machines in parallel
  • Reduces network and storage requirements with Active Block Mapping (ABM)
  • Backup directly to S3 object storage in the data center or in the cloud
Fast recovery to reduce downtime

Fast recovery to reduce downtime

With NetVault Plus, you select what to restore and where to restore it. To maximize availability, you can recover complete information stores or individual databases. NetVault Plus offers the following data recovery scenarios:

  • Achieve instant recovery of your VMs and data by mounting the last good backup without having to do a full VM recovery - even when deduplicating data. (*Requires Quest QoreStor.)
  • Supports deletion of and restore of virtual machine to its original location
  • Restores complete virtual machine images or individual files
  • Relocates virtual machines to alternate VMware ESXi or vCenter Server
  • Allows virtual machine renaming during restore
  • Allows file-level restores from image-level backups
Secure, scalable and flexible

Secure, scalable and flexible

NetVault Plus helps you address security requirements with built-in encryption. You can back up to a wide range of disk, VTL and tape devices on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Scale to protect hundreds of Virtual Machines in a single backup job
  • Offers CAST-128, AES-256 and CAST-256 encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 certified
Cloud-based disaster recovery

Cloud-based disaster recovery

NetVault Plus helps you prepare for unplanned outages and natural disasters though backup replication to any remote site or public cloud. It enables a quick and easy 3-2-1 backup strategy where you keep 3 copies of data, on 2 different media, where 1 copy is stored offsite or in the cloud.

  • Back up direct to the cloud
  • Reduce replication time by up to 85%
  • Overcome slow and inconsistent WAN connections
Reduced storage requirements and cost

Reduced storage requirements and cost

NetVault Plus helps you reduce backup storage requirements and costs on-premises and in the cloud by up to 93%, using source-side, content-aware data deduplication and compression.

  • Lower storage costs on premises and in the cloud by up to 95%
  • Accelerate data ingestion rates by up to 20 TB per hour
  • Software-defined enables both on premises and cloud use

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