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Patch Management and Endpoint Security

Patching is boring; but then again, cyberattacks provide the kind of excitement nobody wants. The best of both worlds is to automate patching so you can free up time to work on the strategic projects that actually do excite you.

Every device accessing your data is an attack vector. If it is not patched, it is dangerous. KACE Unified Endpoint Management Solutions give you the flexibility you need to patch all your devices the way you want to – both now and in the future – to help prevent cyberattacks.

Both products can be used on a standalone basis or together as a fully integrated solution giving you the best of both traditional and modern endpoint management methods.
Patch Management and Endpoint Security

KACE Cloud

KACE Cloud is ideal for organizations who want to manage all or some of their remote Windows, Mac, iOS and Android users without the investment and maintenance of infrastructure required to support it.


KACE System Management Appliance (SMA) adds management of servers, non-computer devices like printers and IoT devices as well as asset management, vulnerability scanning, scripting, and other features as well.

Integrating KACE Cloud & SMA

While using either solution on a standalone basis is a good approach, seamless integration of KACE Cloud and SMA has several advantages.
KACE Cloud
Integrate KACE Cloud & SMA
With the advent of modern management in the cloud, you can now manage Windows and Mac computers the same way you can your iOS and Android devices.

Compared to traditional management, cloud management is especially effective for managing remote users. You can ship a pre-enrolled laptops to remote employees who simply enter their credentials and – just like that - they are up and running. It’s all managed by your provider so there is less setup and no infrastructure to worry about. You never have to upgrade your endpoint management system, add more servers or re-negotiate long term contracts. That is why many organizations are making the move to the cloud.

And there are several well-known endpoint management system products out there to help. What makes KACE Cloud Patch different? Two main things. Third party application patching and pricing.

Most solutions will do a fairly good job of updating your devices’ operation systems – granted, not at the granular level KACE Cloud does. But here is the thing - they don’t patch your third party applications like Adobe ], Cisco, Chrome, Slack, Zoom, etc. So, you are stuck with having to purchase and manage a second solution for that. KACE Cloud Patch gives you the huge advantage of doing all your OS upgrades and your 3rd party application patches – over 300,000 of them - for your entire enterprise – all from one solution.

KACE Cloud tests and verifies OS and application patches before adding them to your catalog to prevent the deployment of defective patches and updates .

And use the power of perpetual policy enforcement when administering apps, location rules, Windows custom profiles, or security standards - you can maintain your configuration standards across every endpoint in your environment without end-user involvment.