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The Tricky Business of Cloud Migration Costs

The Tricky Business of Cloud Migration Costs

If all the growth in your business is like an airplane, your job in IT is to keep building the runway it needs for a smooth take-off. As you start moving applications and data to the cloud, are you sure you know how much it will cost? Are you sure you’re moving the right workloads to the cloud and keeping the right ones on premises? Are you sure you can monitor costs and performance to get the most out of cloud migration?

Read this eBook for some of the lessons our customers have learned. You’ll see how you can avoid the biggest cloud-migration budget pitfalls by:

  • Figuring out which cloud provider is the best fit: cost, features, APIs and performance
  • Taking a hard look at which workloads to migrate and which to leave on premises
  • Monitoring all the resources your workloads are burning up, like compute, memory, network and storage
The Tricky Business of Cloud Migration Costs

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