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Overcoming Office 365 Security & Compliance Auditing Challenges

Overcoming Office 365 Security & Compliance Auditing Challenges

Commercial use of Office 365 has skyrocketed in recent years — but most organizations admit they still lack the mature audit capabilities they need to ensure security and regulatory compliance in the Microsoft cloud.

It’s easy to see why. Getting a solid understanding of what's going on across Office 365 involves many tough challenges, including:

  • The complexity of modern IT environments
  • Lack of data consolidation and correlation
  • Difficulties in management and delegation
  • The flood of new compliance regulations
  • Inability to retain audit data long enough
  • The limitations of native auditing tools
Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you overcome these Office 365 auditing challenges. Download this white paper to discover exactly what features and capabilities to look for and see how Quest On Demand Audit Hybrid Suite for Office 365 delivers the enterprise-wide auditing insight you need to ensure Office 365 security and compliance.
Overcoming Office 365 Security & Compliance Auditing Challenges

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