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Grow your MSP business with Quest Rapid Recovery

Meet profit goals with Rapid Recovery and the Quest Data Protection MSP Program.

Fast backup and instant recovery for SMBs, designed for MSPs

The data protection business is projected to be worth $14 billion by 2025, and ripe for MSPs, but competition is tough. Rapid Recovery can be your competitive advantage to quickly build and grow your data protection and disaster recovery services business. It’s perfect for your small and medium sized clients who have simple IT environments. With Rapid Recovery, you can back up and quickly recover anything — systems, apps and data — anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual or in the cloud. This data recovery software allows your clients to run without restore, with zero impact on their users, as if the outage or data loss never happened. To learn more, visit the Rapid Recovery product page.


Key Benefits

Start or grow your MSP business

Shorten time to market for new data protection services.

Boost profits

Gain competitive pricing, rebates and other incentives.

Simplify administration

Increase IT staff productivity and further ensure customer data protection.

The Rapid Recovery advantage

Why use Rapid Recovery?

Why use Rapid Recovery?

Quest Rapid Recovery provides MSPs with a quick and easy snapshot-based backup solution used to protect small and medium-sized clients that have demanding RTOs and RPOs. It offers non-disruptive recovery so clients get back to work faster with no impact to the work environment. Rapid Recovery offers purpose-built MSP features and multi-tenant architecture that make it easy for MSPs like you to manage hundreds of clients’ systems, applications and data running on physical and virtual servers in both the data center and in the cloud — from one web-based console.

Single solution for your clients’ needs

Single solution for your clients’ needs

Quest Rapid Recovery protects a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Oracle applications and data, simplifying operations and reducing IT costs. Its Virtual Standby capability is used by MSPs to differentiate their data protection services by offering near-instant recovery after a system failure, to a virtual machine located in the data center or in the cloud.

Built-in deduplication and replication

Built-in deduplication and replication

Quest Rapid Recovery includes built-in data deduplication to reduce storage requirements and costs, helping MSPs increase their profitability. In addition, MSPs get replication, including a free Rapid Recovery replication target in Azure cloud, so you can add Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to your service offerings and expand into new markets.

Data security

Data security

All IT organizations are concerned with security, especially when outsourcing data protection, or when using a public cloud to store their information. Rapid Recovery uses encryption libraries certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 1, as well as GDPR-compliance to help you overcome your clients’ security and regulatory compliance concerns.

Gain unparalleled support

Gain unparalleled support

With the Quest Data Protection MSP Program, you’ll achieve fast time to market for your services through comprehensive planning, implementation and management support tailored to your company’s needs. We offer complete technical support for installation and proofs of concept (POCs). You’ll have access to comprehensive, free, self-driven training and enablement customized for your specific needs as well as professional services and instructor-led training for all offerings. A specialized MSP program team helps simplify and accelerate licensing to engage with you on new business opportunities and service offerings as well as to quickly resolve any issues that may occur.

Monitor the backup environment

Monitor the backup environment

Rapid Recovery backup and recovery software integrates with QorePortal to secure systems, applications, and data located anywhere – whether physical, virtual, or in the cloud. Backup and recovery management is a breeze with access from anywhere in your network.


Rapid Snap for Applications

Use incremental-forever snapshots to capture apps and their relevant state, up to every five minutes.

Rapid Snap for Virtual

Incremental-forever snapshots capture entire applications, up to every 5 minutes, with near-zero RTOs & aggressive RPOs

Live Recovery

Restore operations near-instantly with an RTO of minutes.

Virtual Standby

Continually send updates to any VM that can be activated in the event there’s an issue with the primary machine.


Easily replicate backups to one or more target Rapid Recovery cores anywhere — at no extra cost.

Deduplication and compression

Reduce storage requirements/costs up to 95% with built-in, in-line fixed block deduplication & optimized compression.

Universal Recovery

Restore at any level, from a single file, message, or data object to a physical machine or VM, even to dissimilar hardware.

Verified Recovery

Perform automated recovery testing and verification of backups to ensure they can be recovered.


Rapid Recovery uses encryption libraries certified for FIPS 140-2 Level 1 and is GDPR-compliant.

All-inclusive software

Lower your costs. Replication, Virtual Standby, and other advanced capabilities are included.

Azure Data Storage repository

Synthetic back up libraries.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

SAML-based user identity authentication supporting MFA with external identity providers OneLogin, Azure and Okta.

Cloud object locking

Rapid Recovery supports object locking for cloud archives, ensuring your backup archives in the cloud are secure, immutable and can't be altered (or removed) by ransomware or malicious actors.

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