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Grow your MSP business with Foglight® Evolve

Meet profit goals with Foglight Evolve and the Quest Data Protection MSP Program. As businesses increasingly seek to convert CapEx to OpEx by adopting subscription-based and outsourced services-based purchasing models, competition for MSPs is getting fierce. Especially as MSPs try to differentiate their services. In fact, the data protection market for MSPs alone is expected to reach $14 billion by 2025.

But with Foglight Evolve as part of your offering, you can help your customers tackle their toughest IT environment challenges, regardless of their mix of clouds, hypervisors, and applications. Furthermore, its optimizing abilities keep users and business stakeholders happy by helping you meet maximum system uptime and performance.

Foglight Evolve

Grow your revenue significantly

Increase profitability from new and existing customers

Maximize resources and budget

Differentiate your business from competitors

Superb client outcomes

With Foglight Evolve as part of your data protection solution, your customers will be able to gain pro-active alerting for Hyper-V & VMware VMs; OS, Linux, Windows operating systems; Log files; Websites; Processes and Services. In addition, infrastructure managers will expect to spend more time on business projects and less time managing IT resources. Furthermore, architects and CIOs can better plan cloud migrations; control costs; and gain visibility of cost-drivers across the hybrid data center.

Build a CSP business

Foglight Evolve can also be used to build a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) business, allowing you to compare your pricing plans with customer on-premises costs. In addition, you’ll be able to show your prices next to public cloud such as AWS. And lastly, you’ll be able to simplify billing through transparent chargebacks (where clients see real data).

Optimize infrastructure

Use Foglight Evolve to keep resource requirements in check, including data storage and other infrastructure costs. Optimizing resources keeps your staff and clients happy by meeting system uptime and performance SLAs. With Foglight Evolve, you can optimize your IT environment to maximize resources and eliminate waste without sacrificing performance.

Simplify IT Management

To avoid costly system downtime, Foglight Evolve helps you proactively identify and avoid potential faults before they occur. With Foglight Evolve, you will spend less time using disparate tools to monitor physical and virtual servers, applications and data storage, and spend more time focusing higher-value, innovation-forward projects.

Gain unparalleled support

With the Quest Data Protection MSP Program, you’ll achieve fast time-to-market for your services through comprehensive planning, implementation and management support, tailored to your company’s needs. We offer complete technical support for installation and proofs of concept (POCs). You’ll have access to comprehensive, free, self-driven training and enablement tailored to your specific needs as well as professional services and instructor-led training for all offerings. A specialized MSP program team helps simplify and accelerate licensing to engage with you on new business opportunities and service offerings and to quickly resolve any issues that may occur.

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