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TEC Talk: Tenant to Tenant Power BI Migrations The Next Frontier

TEC Talk: Tenant-to-Tenant Power BI Migrations: The Next Frontier
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  • Fecha de grabación:Jan. 11, 2024
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TEC Talk: Tenant-to-Tenant Power BI Migrations: The Next Frontier

Are you responsible for migrating workspaces and reports in Power BI Service? This session is a must-attend for you! Get an in-depth understanding of the key steps and considerations for migrating workspaces and reports in Power BI Service. Understand the limitations of the Power BI Service Administration Portal and discover how to overcome them for a smooth migration process. Learn about the key elements that must be considered during a migration and receive expert recommendations on how to prepare for the migration process. See a live demonstration of the type of data that needs to be collected for a successful migration and how it relates to migration planning. And uncover potential Microsoft limitations that may impact your migration plan and how to address them. Don't miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools you need for a successful migration process in Power BI Service.


Sean Visser is a Technical Product Manager at Quest Software, with experience spanning nearly twenty years in migration and integration solutions, guidance in product feature sets to perform mail and directory and application transformations into Microsoft platforms. He focuses on solutions that assist organizations with legacy application migrations into Microsoft systems and investigates technical feasibility for new solution features and workloads between Microsoft 365 tenants.  

Gary Hughes is a Technical Product Manager at Quest Software and a subject matter expert in Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams with fifteen years of experience in the Microsoft solutions and services space and nearly a decade of working with customers and partners around the world. Today, Gary specializes in innovating and designing new product solutions addressing the challenges related to Tenant-to-Tenant mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, as well as offering expert insights on Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams. 

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