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Performance tuning that improves your bottom line

Performance tuning that improves your bottom line

For IT teams, it always seems that the goal is to improve performance, especially in the cloud. And, in the IT trenches, you may think that the purpose of performance tuning is to keep infrastructure humming, avoid bottlenecks and close trouble tickets. 

But in fact, there’s more at stake than that. Since you pay for every millisecond, cycle, kilobyte and megabit your applications and workloads consume, performance tuning affects your bottom line. Your real goal is to find and eliminate wasted resources, because less money spent on them means lower costs and bigger profit margins. 

Does your company depend on cloud applications for customer interaction? Do you sell access to software as a service (SaaS) using a resource consumption model? Are you an independent software vendor (ISV) selling cloud applications? If so, then performance is a big part of your profit margin. 

This technical brief describes how performance monitoring and tuning affect your bottom line. You’ll see how using Foglight® by Quest® can help you stay profitable with performance tuning at all levels: databases, applications, virtual machines (VMs), infrastructure, cloud resources and individual SQL queries. 

Performance tuning that improves your bottom line

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