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Tech company expects to save $1.4 million by optimizing VMs

Foglight for Virtualization has delivered savings of more than $450,000 in the first year alone.

Purnima Rajagopalan, Systems Engineering Senior Advisor, Dell Inc.

Dell's infrastructure engineering and operations (IEO) team is responsible for managing all of Dell IT's VMs — more than 22,000 of them. These VMs are distributed across 16 virtual centers and nearly 1,200 ESX hosts. Most are on Windows, but some are on Linux. To manage and optimize this large, complex environment, Dell needed automated resource monitoring and reclamation, as well as effective VDI management. By using Foglight for Virtualization, the company was able to:

  • Save $450,000 in the first year by enabling IT to reclaim wasted storage and CPUs, and discover abandoned VMs
  • Allow a small team to effectively manage 22,000 VMs across 16 virtual datacenters
  • Gain an anticipated additional savings of $1.4 million within the next two years by right-sizing other environments
  • Reduce operational expenditures and support business growth with automation and capacity management

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