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Manufacturer grows through M&A strategy

Manufacturer grows through M&A strategy
Fedrigoni Group completed 10 mergers and acquisitions in 3 years, with partner iCubed performing the IT integrations using Quest migration solutions. 
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Fedrigoni Group has been growing rapidly through strategic mergers and acquisitions. To ensure effective collaboration, Office 365 adoption and strengthened security posture, the company needed a trusted partner and an enterprise-class solution tointegrate the new entities into its IT ecosystem.
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In the past, we used several different tools for migrations: one for Exchange, another for SharePoint and so on,” recalls Radicia. "We prefer the Quest solution because it enables the migration of all Office 365 workloads.

Luca Radicia Head of IT Infrastructure, Fedrigoni Group


On Demand Migration by Quest® is a secure SaaS platform that enables simple and secure migration and consolidation of both Office 365 tenants and on-premises Active Directory. In the hands of Fedrigoni’s trusted strategic partner iCubed, it delivers one successful IT integration after another.


  • Enabled 10 successful IT integrations projects in 3 years — with more to come
  • Successfully migrated 2,000 users across 10 tenants
  • Delivered complete visibility into migration progress from a single intuitive dashboard
  • Ensured seamless coexistence throughout the migrations

La historia

Successful IT integrations are critical to growth through mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic acquisitions can be a powerful path to quick growth and market leadership. However, success depends in large part upon an effective integration of the IT environments, often on a very short and inflexible timeline. To ensure successful IT integrations, time and time again, Fedrigoni Group relies on On Demand Migration by Quest®, in the capable hands of trusted partner iCubed.

A unified IT ecosystem facilitates business productivity and strong security.

The history of Fedrigoni Group dates back centuries to the establishment of the first paper mill in Verona, Italy, in 1888. The company has become a world leader in fine paper for a wide range of purposes, from luxury packaging to high-end publishing and digital printing, with 11 paper mills in Italy, France and Spain. In addition, the group has a second division providing self-adhesive papers and films to many different markets, such as wine & spirits, food, pharma, and home & personal care. This business unit accounts for 60% of total sales and has 16 different plants around the world, from Asia to the United States and Latin America.

The company has grown significantly over time, in large part due to a series of carefully chosen mergers and acquisitions. In just three years, the company saw 10 M&A deals. In particular, its self-adhesives division was born from the merger of three of the most important players in the sector: Ritrama, Arconvert and Manter.

Fedrigoni Group recognized the need to efficiently integrate all these entities into a unified IT ecosystem. “We knew that migrating everything into a single tenant would offer a lot of advantages,” explains Luca Radicia, head of IT infrastructure at Fedrigoni Group. “For example, users in one tenant often needed to access resources in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint in another tenant; having a single tenant would facilitate collaboration and improve Office 365 adoption. In addition, we knew it would reduce administrative overhead and complexity in user management. Moreover, we would be able to implement unified security controls, which is critical with cyberattacks on the rise everywhere.”

The right partner and the right migration tool are vital to success.

Fedrigoni Group’s IT infrastructure team is growing and the company prefers to improve their core technical skills rather than task them with migration projects that can be outsourced to seasoned professionals. Accordingly, for all its IT integrations, the company relies upon its trusted strategic partner, iCubed. And the experts at iCubed invariably choose On Demand Migration from Quest for Fedrigoni’s projects.

On Demand Migration is a secure SaaS platform that enables simple and secure migration and consolidation of Office 365 tenants running workloads like Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, as well as on-premises Active Directory. An intuitive dashboard provides complete, real-time visibility into migration progress, and the solution ensures seamless coexistence throughout the project. Fedrigoni was enthusiastic about iCubed’s choice of On Demand Migration. “In the past, we used several different tools for migrations: one for Exchange, another for SharePoint and so on,” recalls Radicia. “We prefer the Quest solution because it enables the migration of all Office 365 workloads.”

On Demand Migration powers eight IT integrations in just two years.

Using On Demand Migration, iCubed has been able to deliver one successful IT integration project after another, to the complete satisfaction of Fedrigoni Group. Indeed, with the Quest solution, iCubed has successfully migrated 2,000 users across eight tenants, integrating them smoothly into Fedrigoni’s tenant — often on quite tight timelines and during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

“One project required the migration of 800 users in two months, from offices around the world,” notes Radicia. “The company had a large volume of Teams and SharePoint content, and it was vital that no one lose any of their data. Even though the IT team could not go on site, the migration went very well, with no problems at all, thanks to On Demand Migration.”

A unified email presence

Many of the projects included the requirement to quickly deliver a unified email presence to the world to maintain the company’s brand. On Demand Migration made delivering on that mandate easy. “You cannot migrate hundreds of users in a weekend, so most of the integrations took several months,” Radicia says. “We love the address rewriting feature of On Demand Migration — it enabled us to present a unified email presence to external users right from the pilot phase of each project.”

Quality partnerships promise a bright future.

Fedrigoni Group plans to maintain and grow its strong relationships with both iCubed and Quest. “We have just acquired two new companies, and we will surely trust iCubed and On Demand Migration with the IT integration project,” Radicia says. “And we are also already using other components of the On Demand suite of solutions for effective management, security, and backup & recovery across our hybrid Active Directory environment.”