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Financial technology firm nails one-hour window to migrate 12 Oracle databases

The biggest impact would have been the financial penalties for not hitting certain deadlines in the acquisition agreement, so we had to migrate within very tight windows.

Vice President of Database Administration, fintech firm

Using SharePlex® data replication enabled a global leader in the financial industry to complete a 12- to 20-hour Oracle migration in just one hour. With SharePlex, the company successfully met important acquisition deadlines and avoided financial penalties and continues to use SharePlex to replicate application databases.

Learn how this financial tech firm used SharePlex to:

  • Implement safe, complete replication of more than 4 terabytes of data and applications
  • Perform fast, trouble-free replication despite infrastructure differences between the source and target
  • Replicate production workloads and keep instances in sync for nearly a month longer than anticipated

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